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“A HUGE PLUS AT THE NEW STARTING POINT”: Barentsburg tourism director states Svalbard’s “clean” status will be big draw if travel ban lifted by summer; 157 visitors in past week


While Longyearbyen is grappling with catastrophic consequences of the coronavirus crisis and all but writing off tourism for the summer and possibly beyond, an optimistic outlook continues to be expressed in Barentsburg where the tourism director asserted this week Svalbard’s status as the only “clean” Arctic destination will eventually be a huge advantage.

“This will be a huge plus at the new starting point of the summer tourist season, which we are all preparing for,” wrote Timofey Rogozhin in a post on his Facebook page Tuesday. (Note: an elaboration by Rogozhin submitted to us in English is at the end of this article.) 

The art of aging: Barentsburg turns old bureacractic center into bustling art museum that salutes its history and future


Turning an aging center of bureaucracy into a future-minded memorial of culture and history was an intricate work of art in itself. And like the ever-changing collections, the dreams of those eyeing the future are an evolving process – which, alas, still has to cope with the realities of bureaucracy.