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GET MORE SMARTER ABOUT SVALBARD: Annual two-week ’The History of Svalbard’ course at UNIS offering lectures, exams (and answers!) and other materials free online


Painting by Abraham Storck, 1690 / Courtesy of Rijksmuseum Netherlands

Now that visiting Svalbard is finally getting back to something resembling normal after two years of Covid, those wanting to arrive informed can take advantage of one of the few pluses of the pandemic as a just completed and much-acclaimed two-week university history course about the archipelago’s history is available free online.

FRIENDLY WARNING: New avalanche/weather information board for travellers, automatic SMS critical alerts to everyone in Svalbard regardless of residency offered by UNIS and city


Photo by Maria Philippa Rossi/UNIS

Getting important and possibly lifesaving alerts about things like high avalanche risk is now considerably easier thanks to high-profile avalanche/weather information station at the edge of Longyearbyen leading to Adventdalen, plus the automating of urgent SMS alerts to everyone in Svalbard even if they’re not registered residents.

SPACE HURRICANE: First observation of super storm in polar ionosphere revealed in study co-authored by UNIS researchers


Illustration of a space hurricane by Shandong University

In a discovery sure to illuminate the imaginations of the many believers of alien/paranormal life in the remote far north, the first-ever observation of a space hurricane in the ionosphere over the North Magnetic Pole is being revealed to the world in a study co-authored by two researchers at The University Centre in Svalbard.

EXTRA COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS EXTENDED: Digital teaching at UNIS until Feb. 1, norway to test all newcomers at border, recent restrictions ‘will most probably be extended’


A sign of the extended COVID-19 restrictions likely to occur in the coming days came this week as The University Centre in Svalbard announced it all-digital teaching will continue until at least Feb. 1, with Norway also toughening it entry requirements and advising against foreign travel until at least March.

UNIS REOPENING – FOR THOSE WILLING TO PUT IN THE LONG HOURS: University says semester-long classes will resume in January, but shorter master/PhD courses cancelled


The University Centre in Svalbard is planning to resume classes in January despite a resurgence in COVID-19 cases across Europe and elsewhere, but only semester-long classes will be offered due to complications presented by quarantine requirements for arriving students and precautionary requirements during field work, the university announced in a press release Tuesday.

ASK THEM ANYTHING: FAQs for Svalbard science pros at forum include oldest rock, next ice age, microplastics, nuclear waste storage, zombie apocalypse


When it comes to popular Svalbard topics like climate change and zombies, there’s unquestionably a lot of non-expert nonsense out there.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Nov. 26, 2019


Airbnb rentals are down somewhat this year as a new law restricting rentals takes effect in about a month, a dog has to be killed after being injured by a polar bear at the Polish Polar Station at Hornsund and The University Centre in Svalbard finally has a list of 18 candidates to be the next director after the deadline is delayed twice.

FIERCE FALL: Yet more cabins ransacked by polar bear, field research cancelled near Longyearbyen due to bear visits


A trend of late summer/early fall visits by polar bears near Longyearbyen is continuing in great numbers this year as the latest of many visits and intrusions into cabins was reported the past weekend and all field research in valleys near town was cancelled indefinitely Monday due to multiple recent bear visits.

Svalbard warms 4°C during past 50 years, may warm a total of 10°C by 2100, states ‘devastating’ landmark climate study


Svalbard is already 4°C warmer (7.3°C during winter) than 50 years ago with devastating and fatal consequences, and will be a total of 7°C to 10°C warmer by 2100 without drastic action.

Winter is two months shorter than 50 years and will be two months shorter by 2100.  Precipitation (mostly rain, obviously) will increase 45 percent to 65 percent, and the number of already extreme storms of late will increase significantly and magnitude.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Oct. 23, 2018


UNIS student housing proposal features 250 dorms, 30 hotel rooms, solar panels
A total of 250 dorms and 30 hotel rooms are included in the latest proposed student housing project for The University Centre in Svalbard.