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Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Feb. 12, 2019


Man arrives without job or place to stay, is expelled by governor the same day
A man who arrived in Svalbard without a return flight ticket, money, job or place to stay was expelled from the archipelago the same day by The Governor of Svalbard. The man did not succeed in obtaining funds from others to stay or for a return trip, and attempts to contact the consulate for the country where the man is a citizen was unsuccessful, Lt. Gov. Berit Sagfossen wrote in the expulsion decision. She said such incidents are rare, happening twice a year during the past two years, and sometimes it is due to tips the governor receives and other times the person reports the situation themselves.

DANGEROUS DRIVE: Governor issues warning about large meltwater opening on glacier in east Svalbard


With the winter/spring tour season about to hit full speed, The Governor of Svalbard is warning travelers to exercise extreme caution on Ulvebreen is east Svalbard due to a large meltwater channel across the glacier that may not be easily seen due to snow cover or other reasons.

Taking the wild away from wildlife: Governor may close popular snowmobile areas again due to polar bear, seal disruptions


Tip: If you’re trying to avoid disturbing polar bears they flee if they sense snowmobiles three kilometers away. If you’re not trying to avoid disturbing them you’re the reason a travel ban in areas they frequent is being considered this spring that may have profound consequences for tourism and expeditions.

Ultimate penalty: Russian tour company fined 150,000 kr. for 2017 snowmobile tour accident on sea ice that killed guide


A Russian tour company whose guides failed to properly evaluate sea ice conditions, resulting in an accident where nine snowmobiles fell through the ice and a guide was killed, has been fined 150,000 kroner, The Governor of Svalbard announced Thursday.

‘At the very edge of the possible’: 14 crew members rescued in dangerous Arctic winter conditions from fishing boat in northeast Svalbard


Fourteen people stranded on a listing fishing trawler isolated in northeast Svalbard were successfully rescued Friday by helicopters operating in dark and hazardous winter storm condition, according to emergency officials.

TROUBLING TRAFFIC: 31 of 70 drivers cited for violations during vehicle checkpoint by local and Troms police Friday


Lots of snow and continuous darkness didn’t deter a “disappointing” number of local drivers from alleged traffic violations, as two people lost their driver’s licenses and 29 traffic-related fines were issued when officials from the National Mobile Police Service helped local police check 70 vehicles Friday afternoon near Longyearbyen’s power plant. 

Playing the victim: Rescuers seeking volunteers willing to be ‘casualties’ in major plane crash exercise Dec. 13


Well, this is rather impressive: emergency officials know exactly when their next major rescue operation is going to happen. Furthermore, the identities of the victims will be known beforehand – because they’ll willingly be offering themselves to be burned and/or broken bodies willing to lay outside for hours screaming for help/treatment.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of July 17, 2018


Oil pump failure at boiler house results in lack of hot water
Much of Longyearbyen is experiencing a lack of hot water due to the failure of an oil pump that is part of the city’s backup power system, which is being used while the main power plant undergoes maintenance.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of May 22, 2018


Polar bear spotted near Longyearbyen wanders off, but officials keeping watch
A polar bear spotted near Longyearbyen late Tuesday night wandered away from town a few hours later, but officials are continuing to monitor the area in case the animal returns, police said Wednesday.

OFF-LIMITS: Governor bans snowmobiles in three popular areas due heavy traffic disrupting polar bears and seals


Snowmobile traffic is banned until June 1 in popular travel areas at Billefjorden, Tempelfjorden and Rindersbukta due to heavy traffic disrupting polar bears and seals during peak spring hunting season, The Governor of Svalbard announced Thursday.