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WITHIN A HAIR OF A MILLION: A polar bear pelt and a lost beard help Longyearbyen raise 999,798 kr. for annual TV auction – and another first per-person donation win nationally


Update (5:30 p.m. Monday): It appears local donations will indeed top one million kroner due to additional money collected by Longyearbyen students and residents in Ny-Ålesund. Story below is updated with details.

Original story: By now it barely qualifies as news Svalbard finished first for yet another year among 423 municipalities in a nationwide TV auction fundraiser, but a few numbers are likely to raise eyebrows: the local total of 999,798 kroner is about 100,000 kroner more than last year, with some new fund raisers supplementing the usual intense efforts of regulars.

Yet it’s 202 kroner short of one million, which might trigger thoughts of how every individual can make a difference. But apparently not for long, since the “official” total listed as of Sunday night doesn’t include some late-arriving funds.

BAITING BIDDERS: Want to rent a rescue ship, test your spy skills or cozy up with a dead polar bear? Local auction offers extra exotica as Norway engages in telethon Sunday


Calling an event lively when it begins with a fossil and ends with a polar bear pelt might seem like a contradiction, but in-between those two remnants from deceased wildlife are more than a hundred items locals will spent several hours battling each other for – including a chance to infiltrate a top-secret government facility, a barrel of jet fuel and a chance to pick up trash for several days.

Taking refugee: Usual month of telethon-related fundraising events to benefit unusually cruel situation for displaced


Yes, it’s been a tough year here. But tell that to the residents of Aleppo.

Helping them and refugees in many other areas is the focus of this year’s NRK telethon, with Longyearbyen as usual offering a month of local events leading up to the televised auction Oct. 23. Anne Lise Sandvik, head of this year’s local effort, said she doesn’t think local large-scale layoffs and economic downturn will affect this year’s giving.