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A ‘SUPER’ ADDITION TO THE MARKET: Expanded Svalbardbutikken officially opens after 17 months of upgrades, earning raves even from those who miss the ‘old times’


Photo of Anne Lise Klungseth Sandvik speaking at official opening courtesy of Svalbardbutikken

This time the expanded version of the world’s northernmost supermarket really, really is officially open.

EXTRA-BIG STORE MEANS EXTRA EFFORT: Svalbardbutikken customers getting longer end-to-end trek and self-serve checkouts; workers finishing expansion and ATM/cash plans


Some shoppers might find themselves wanting some whine with that cheese, since buying some fine vino to go with that funky-smelling taleggio now requires a traveller-worthy trek – or more precisely an end-to-end trip at the vastly expanded Svalbardbutikken that debuted at its full size Monday.

And before too long those weary wine consumers will get the chance to expend even more effort (but, hey, even more calories burned), doing a short work shift as their own checkout clerk.

‘LIKE COMING INTO A BIG NEW STORE ON THE MAINLAND’: Svalbardbutikken reopens in new portion of vastly expanded space; layout, look and new deli section earn early acclaim


People tend to move to Longyearbyen to get away from the big city, but Jessica Jonasson, a dogsled guide and hairdresser who moved here from Sweden six years ago, said she’s quite happy the new version of the world’s northernmost supermarket offers a presence of urban life.

FAST, THEN FEAST: Svalbardbutikken closing for weekend to move into new expanded space to debut Monday; construction continuing until July – and a local ATM finally returning there


For those those feeling a bit hungry because Longyearbyen’s only supermarket is closed this weekend, take comfort in knowing there will be noticeably more quick, fresh and other foods after the store reopens in a portion of its vastly expanded space Monday.

(BTW, for those somehow caught totally unaware of the closure despite the fliers posted seemingly every couple of meters inside there, it’s still possible to buy groceries at the Longyearbyen Thai Shop from noon-3 p.m. Saturday and the Mix kiosk until 10 p.m. all weekend.)

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Feb. 9, 2021


Illustration of renovated Svalbardbutikken by Reactor AS

New portion of Svalbardbutikken scheduled to open in March, 40 percent of tourists cancel visits during first week after negative COVID-19 test is required to enter Svalbard and 20 applicants seek eight million kroner (although far less will be available) in the latest Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund grants.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Dec. 31, 2019


A cargo ship that brings food and other essential supplies to Longyearbyen will be out of service for three weeks starting Jan. 10, a memorial pays tribute to the 26 miners killed 100 years ago in Store Norske’s deadliest accident and the city unveils plans for a new environmental station at Hotellneset. 

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Dec. 3, 2019


An expansion to nearly double the size of Svalbardbutikken beginning soon, a large amount of sea ice around Svalbard is definitely not a sign climate change impacts are lessening, and the lack of a director at Visit Svalbard for the past eight months is taking a toll on employees and planned projects.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Oct. 29, 2019


Mary Ann’s Polarrigg sold as storied owner fights cancer, police go all-out to find shoplifter who stole two pairs of socks and errant drivers are fined for using summer tires in September snow.

STRIKE: AT SAS: Pilot walkout has ‘great consequences’ for ski marathon, may severely affect supermarket and others


A pilot strike that began at midnight at Scandinavian Airlines at midnight Friday will significant impact participation in this year’s Svalbard Skimaraton, although the race will go on as scheduled, and could severely affect shipments of fresh food to Svalbardbutikken if the walkout extends into next week, according to local officials.

MISSING MAIL: Postal flight cancelled Wednesday and Thursday, so some of these shelves may be empty before the weekend


Technical problems have resulted in the cancellation of the postal flight to Longyearbyen on Wednesday and Thursday, meaning many fresh grocery products and other items may be in short supply or unavailable, according to officials.