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Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Aug. 22, 2017


City forces brewery forced to halt beer bingo, Friday evening gatherings
Svalbard Bryggeri is suspending its Thursday beer bingo and Friday evening social gatherings indefinitely because the city states the facility is not legally licensed for such activities.

Random weirdness for the week of July 4, 2017


We’re not saying a bunch of top U.S. officials rushed to Svalbard on that country’s Independence Day for a top-secret meeting about their missile defense operations here only hours after North Korea launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the “American bastards.” It just looks like that’s what happened.

Soaring suds: Norwegian Air to serve Svalbard Bryggeri beer on international flights; brewery doubling production


It’s a sobering challenge to get thousands of people buzzed while they’re high every month, but the folks at Svalbard Bryggeri are eager to get hopping to it.

Beer produced by the local brewery will be sold on all Norwegian Air international flights (including those to and from Svalbard) beginning in June, according Andreas Hegerman Riis, co-founded and brewmaster of the facility.

Sweet taste of beer: More ways than ever to get hungover during annual Oktoberfest


Drinking more than 60 types of beer, loud music until way past midnight, a long boat ride beginning early in the morning – what could possibly go wrong?

Oh, and that box of beer-infused chocolates you ate after dinner probably won’t make things any easier.

Random weirdness for the week of July 12, 2016


Svalbard Bryggeri may have generated most of the buzz during the past year when it comes to local liquids, but the frozen chosen dudes in the photo above managed to make some folks woozy by selling (yes, lots of people are actually buying it) local glacier water at for 300 kroner for a 750ml bottle (tip: you’d need to bring a few for this hike).

Into blackness: Svalbard’s 12 biggest stories of 2015


It was already a shell-shocked community beginning to say their farewells to possibly a quarter of the town’s residents, with those left behind worrying about the future of a town with a decimated economic foundation.

Then the avalanche struck.

Either alone ranks among the most significant events in Longyearbyen’s history. Together they may reshape the town more dramatically than at any time since it was almost entirely destroyed during World War II.

Random Weirdness for the week of Nov. 10, 2015


We’re starting to feel like they’ve rented space here in recent months (feel free to send us a check), but once again we’ve got to tip our hats to the local beer barons for making history in yet one more way by shipping their first batch of brew to the mainland.

Beer here! Longyearbyen’s first-ever brewery gets off to rollicking, slightly bitter start


After waiting months longer than expected for the first keg of Longyearbyen’s first-ever locally brewed beer to be tapped, the revelers decided they didn’t need their hosts to start the buzz.

Random weirdness for the week of Aug. 4, 2015


Time for another full-blown hoax related to “climate change.” Despite what much of the world now thinks, this polar bear most definitely did not make a record-length underwater dive in Svalbard in a desperate search for food due to a lack of ice floes carrying tasty seals.

Near beer: Longyearbyen’s first-ever brewery days away from debut


After six sobering years of legal battles and several months of sweat-inducing construction work, at least Andreas Hegermann Riis doesn’t have to ponder how he’ll celebrate when the first cans of his history-making beer come off the assembly line.