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Nybyen is particularly vulnernerable, officials are urging the area near Longyearbyen School and Svalbardhallen be avoided due to possible loose roofing material, and the outdoor Christmas tree at Svalbard Church has been swept away, according to officials as of 2 a.m. Saturday.

Svalbardposten also reported an unoccupied car at Sjøområdet has been completely burried in snow.


Storm update as of midnight Saturday: Roof blown off empty UNIS dorm


The roof of a student dorm in Nybyen was blown off late Saturday night during a historic storm in Longyearbyen, but nobody was inside and no injuries resulted, according to The Governor of Svalbard.

Storm update: Friday flights cancelled, extra flights Saturday, no major incidents reported as hurricane nears


If the worst that happens is a lot of people have to agonizingly reschedule their holiday flights and plans, it may be something of a Christmas blessing.

Flights between Longyearbyen and the mainland were cancelled Friday, stranding hundreds of locals planning to depart on what was known as the “evacuation flight” even before a storm that forecasters say may be the worst in Svalbard’s history made its initial incursion.

ALERT: Potentially the ‘worst storm the archipelago has ever seen’ with winds of more than 160 km/h forecast between Thursday night and Sunday


A storm expected to bring hurricane-force winds and heavy snow to Svalbard between Thursday night and midday Sunday, with the most intense conditions between midday Friday and Saturday, may be the area’s most severe in recorded history, according to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Winds reaching speeds of more than 160 kilometers an hour are forecast in exposed areas, with more than 30 millimeters of precipitation – or about one-and-half meters of snow – forecast for Longyearbyen, according to a storm alert issued by the weather service.

Storm alert: Gale-force winds, heavy snow forecast Thursday night through Sunday


Update 1 p.m. Thursday: A more severe storm with winds in Longyearbyen reaching 80 kilometers an hour, with stronger hurricane-force winds surpassing 115 kp/h in exposed portions of the west coast of Spitsbergen, and about 32 millimeters of precipitation is now being forecast between Thursday night and midday Sunday by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Original story: A major storm alert for Longyearbyen forecasting heavy snow and winds up to 70 kilometers an hour between Thursday evening and midday Sunday was issued Wednesday by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.