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Blown to and fro: Strong winds giveth and strong winds taketh away for runners in biggest-ever Spitsbergen Marathon; local teen, 14, achieves notable win as fastest woman in 10K race


While spectacular snow-covered mountains dominate the landscape for the world’s northernmost marathon, the vast majority of the course itself is basically flat. But for Isabel Aarnes it was very much an uphill and downhill effort thanks to persistent winds of nearly 30 kilometers an hour.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of May 28, 2019


Shortage of industrial store space results in overinflated prices, restraints on growth
A lack of available buildings fueling Longyearbyen’s housing crisis is also being felt by businesses in dire need of storage space, with LNS Spitsbergen admitting it’s overpaying by spending five million kroner for 300-square-meter space in a steel building with no insulation or district heating.

Triumph of twos: Spitsbergen Marathon gets twin second-time winners; woman winner’s boyfriend tops half marathon


Mari Kråkemo Finnerud felt like she was struggling compared to last year’s dominating victory, but once again she was only a few minutes behind the fastest man halfway through the race. By the end she was part of a winning couple with two different men.

‘Just run like hell’: Andreas Nygren, worn out from hiking and paddling, simplifies tactics to win Spitsbergen Marathon


Marathoners typically spend the last few days before a race taking it easy so their muscles can recover from intense training. But Andreas Nygren wasn’t about to waste his few days in Svalbard, so he went on hiking and kayaking trips before the race – and thus feeling exhausted just reaching the starting line.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of May 31, 2016


Officials response to two kitchen-related fire alarms
Firefighters and police responded to two kitchen-related fire alarms Sunday, one of which was the most recent of ongoing spate of incidents where an intoxicated person fell asleep while cooking something in the early morning hours, according to The Governor of Svalbard.

Sweet agony: Scenery, watching for bears, helps runners finish Spitsbergen Marathon’s tough course


After competing with 50,650 other runners in the New York City Marathon, Mattias Wahlstedt set out against just 58 rivals Saturday in Longyearbyen. But the latter was the bigger experience in more ways than one.