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BYE-BYE BANK: SpareBank1 will close Svalbard’s only physical branch Dec. 18, leaving behind a cold, cashless community along with numerous other chilling financial challenges


“It’s an emergency” the woman told the assistant bank manager with a resigned smile, explaining the last-minute to-do list was about “all those ‘D number’ things” only possible with in-person banking that will vanish a day from now.

Others coming in steadily during the last days before Longyearbyen’s only bank closes its doors for the final time on Friday (open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) have been doing everything from trying to unload the change in their pockets while it’s still “usable” to seeking loans they likely won’t be able to get next week via online-only options.

CRAPPY CLOSURE: Bank closes due to sewage leak forcing teardown of walls; ATM and post office remain open (UPDATE: Temporary office now next to 78 Degrees Tax Free shop)


Update 2 p.m. Wednesday: The bank is operating temporarily in the Longyearbyen Arbeiderforening office adjacent to the 78 Degrees Tax Free shop across from the Radisson Blu Polar Hotel.

Original story: A sewage leak forced the closure of the Sparebank1 branch in Longyearbyen on Tuesday after the smell from the seepage into a couple of rooms became too fowl to continue operations, according to the bank’s manager. The ATM in the hallways outside the bank, the post office and the tax office in the same building all remain open.

BREAKING: Man arrested after armed robbery at bank; believed to be first bank robbery in Longyearbyen’s history


A man is in custody following an armed robbery Friday morning at Sparebank1, according to The Governor of Svalbard. According to officials and media reports, it is the first bank robbery in Longyearbyen’s history.