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SCOOTER OFF: Governor overrules city, orders Hurtigruten Svalbard to immediately remove dozens of snowmobiles from open field due to complaints


“No parking” of snowmobiles in a large field near the edge of Longyearbyen does not mean the city can violate its own code by declaring “except for a huge tourist fleet,” The Governor of Svalbard stated Friday in order demanding Hurtigruten Svalbard immediately remove dozens of its rental units from the area due to complaints from residents.

TEMPELFJORDEN TRAFFIC BAN: Governor’s closure effective immediately due to ‘several unfortunate’ intrusions on wildlife


A ban on snowmobiles and other motor traffic in a popular travel area of Tempelfjorden is in effect immediately due to several recent incidents of wildlife being disrupted at a time when they are particularly vulnerable, The Governor of Svalbard announced Wednesday.

Taking the wild away from wildlife: Governor may close popular snowmobile areas again due to polar bear, seal disruptions


Tip: If you’re trying to avoid disturbing polar bears they flee if they sense snowmobiles three kilometers away. If you’re not trying to avoid disturbing them you’re the reason a travel ban in areas they frequent is being considered this spring that may have profound consequences for tourism and expeditions.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of March 1, 2016


Woman charged with arson at Vei 222 faces years in prison
A woman in her 20s faces a minimum of two years in prison for arson in a row house, according to prosecutors who state the incident easily could have been resulted in multiple deaths.

Random weirdness for the week of June 23, 2015


A cluster of snowmobiles and wood pallets in a dense housing area – one of many such clusters around Longyearbyen – is fueling a fierce online debate this week that’s essentially the Arctic version of the “your parked vehicle is making the neighborhood look ugly” feuds in countless suburban neighborhoods elsewhere.