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Random weirdness for the week of Nov. 5, 2017


We’re launching an all “#fakenews” roundup this week with what we’ll call The Frightmare Before Christmas. Lot of charming drone footage of Barentsburg, interspaced with lots of animated maps and a narrating hypothesizing about Russia’s sinister Arctic ambitions, with bits of military propaganda footage mixed in at the end. All that’s needed is a shot of Longyearbyen at the end that fades to white while an explosion sounds and you’d have a North Korean snuff film.

Show of Solidarity: Children of avalanche victim Atle Husby join others in tribute to those involved in tragic event


Difficult as it might have been seeing Bendik Adamiak-Husby, 7, his sister, Mali, 8, and brother Rasmus, 6, show a flair for their deceased father’s diverse musical talents, the moment was meant to celebrate of the future, not mourn for what the three children have lost.

The children of Atle Husby, 42, one of two people killed in the Dec. 19 avalanche, were among the featured performers at a free “A Tribute to Solidarity” gala at 7 p.m. Thursday at Kulturhuset. The evening was dedicated to those in Longyearbyen affected by the historic catastrophe that destroyed 11 homes and inflicted an enormous psychological scar upon the community.