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Random weirdness for the week of Oct. 20, 2015


The Russians might be deploying troops, but it’s the United States that’s revolting. Construction is nearing completion on a major new Russian military base on Franz-Joseph Land, located just to the east of Svalbard at 80 degrees latitude north, which will allow up to 150 soldiers to live and training for 18 months at a time. Russia has been building up its military its Arctic territories for many years, but this particular base apparently is particularly ominous since that ultimate source of objective news known as the Drudge Report alerted the world to it with the banner headline “Putin Takes Arctic.”

Random weirdness for the week of March 31, 2015


While the investigation into the March 19 polar bear attack on a group of campers is pending, it’s safe to say there’s a near-unanimous verdict favoring the animal in the local court of public opinion.