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POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Furor at city’s ‘sudden’ 10-day cutoff of electricity to cabin dwellers at Hotellneset/Bjørndalen leads to delay, overnight outages on select days only


Christoffer Spørck has a couple of freezers full of meat from hunting and other food in his cabin just outside town, plus a group of workers who are going to need heat when they begin painting and adding an extension to it soon. But things quickly turned rotten when he got a notice from the city Tuesday saying the electricity was being cut off for 10 working days – starting the next day.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Feb. 2, 2021


Svea loans 18-ton power supply to Svalbard Airport to cope with electrical system failure (above photo of power supply being unloaded in Longyearbyen courtesy of Avinor), 41 applications seek a share of 25 million kroner in emergency COVID-19 tourism aid and the city applies for funding for a pilot project to see if Longyearbyen’s electric cars can contribute to the town’s power grid.

Petrol power: Gas rises to top of post-coal electricity options for Longyearbyen, government-ordered report states


Gas is cost-effective, clean and secure in terms of supplies, while alternatives such as solar, wind and an a giant “extension cable” from the mainland fail to match up in one or more aspects. And continuing to burn coal is for all practical purposes up in soot.