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POLAR BEAR APPROACHES TOWN: Governor spends Monday morning chasing animal away from Longyearbyen


A polar bear spotted near Longyearbyen early Monday morning that at one point approached the dog kennels at the edge of town proved difficult to chase away  despite lengthy efforts by officials using a helicopter and other means, according to The Governor of Svalbard.

Random weirdness for the week of Feb. 5, 2019


Since nobody will ever be stupid enough to think we’re offering food for the brain, the rants this week are all about food for the gut (meaning, egad, we’re the perfect Trumpian tabloid). And in the predatory spirit of “I’ve got mine, screw yours” we’re starting off with the above neener-neener by a polar bear at a seagull who’s definitely not getting the bigger guy’s seal of approval.

Random weirdness for the week of Jan. 15, 2019


“Polar bear leaps onto a Russian nuclear submarine on the search for food after the crew dumped bags of rubbish into the Arctic.” And with that headline we’re off and running with an item that’s a perfect polar trifecta of weirdness.

Intruding with impunity: Polar bear has broken into at least 10 cabins near Ny-Ålesund since July; governor says that’s no reason to relocate it


A single polar bear is suspected of breaking into at least ten cabins in the Ny-Ålesund area since July, but The Governor of Svalbard is stating it is unacceptable to relocate the animal.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of September 4, 2018


A unique “freezing wall” is protecting the seed vault during its reconstruction, demolition of about 150 structures in avalanche-prone areas is scheduled to begin next fall and a polar bear disrupts the plans of an annual youth camp.

Fatally flawed: Polar bear attack on cruise ship employee revives debate about tourism in Svalbard’s remote areas


The injured cruise ship crew member is recovering and the polar bear inflicting the wounds is dead after being shot, but the attacks resulting from the encounter are just beginning.

Feast for the (distant) eyes: Polar bear eating whale carcass on beach near Longyearbyen; governor warns against approaching


A polar bear seen eating a whale carcass at Deltaneset, just around the corner of the cape northwest of Longyearbyen, means hoards of summer tourists and others passing the area are getting a visual feast as well – but The Governor of Svalbard is warning against illegally approaching the bear as parties have done with other animals near town during the past month.

Friday night frights: Polar bear heading toward Longyearbyen chased away by helicopter; attempted return forces locals to abandon beach bonfire; alert still in effect


A polar bear approaching Longyearbyen from Adventdalen was scared away from town Friday night with a rescue helicopter, but an attempt by the bear to swim back toward town resulted in police ordering the evacuation of a beach where a bonfire party was taking place, according to The Governor of Svalbard. The bear continued lingering in the cabin area across the bay from town on Saturday and officials are determining if another flight to scare it away is necessary.

Bear is back: Polar bear returns to Isfjord Radio hours after being scared off; officials consider new options


A polar bear that ransacked a food storage room at Isfjord Radio on Sunday morning returned to the station during the evening, prompting officials to return to the area with a helicopter as they pondered options to remove the predator.

Isbjørn at Isfjord: Polar bear ransacks food storage room at Isfjord Radio before governor’s helicopter scares it off


A polar bear broke into a food storage room at Isfjord Radio on Sunday morning and spent a couple of hours eating chocolates, shredding bags of food waste, crushing wine bottles and shattering windows before it was finally scared off by a rescue helicopter, according to officials and observers.