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(UN)REALIABLE POLAR BEAR RADAR RUMOR: News report says Longyearbyen Camping getting AI-based system after fatal polar bear attack; (UPDATE: turns out the report was false)


UPDATE 5 p.m.: The news article cited is inaccurate due to a misunderstanding by the radar programmer who spoke to a Longyearbyen resident, not a city official, about the possibility of putting the system at the campsite. Story below is updated with details.

A widely-published claim Longyearbyen Camping is getting a polar bear tracking system quickly ended up on the radar of the campsite’s owner and city officials – who said they knew nothing about it – but it turns out the story was “fake news.”

A CRIMINAL ACT? Person who fatally shot polar bear that killed Longyearbyen Camping manager faces charges – but such probes are routine and ‘to save human lives’ a legit defense


It surely seems like common sense that 1) the death of a manager at Longyearbyen Camping and the polar bear that fatally attacked him are tragic, and 2) the person who shot the polar bear trying to save the manager during the attack acted reasonably.

But that’s what a full-blown investigation by prosectors – routine and often lengthy in human/bear encounters resulting in the death of the protected species – will determine, The Governor of Svalbard declared Tuesday.

POLAR BEAR VICTIM IDENTIFIED: Johan (‘Job’) Jacobus Kootte, 38, of The Netherlands, was an employee at the campsite laying in his tent when the fatal attacked occurred

Johan Jacobus Kootte

Photo by Jan Jacops

The man killed by a polar bear at Longyearbyen Camping just before 4 a.m. Friday has been identified as Johan (“Job”) Jacobus Kootte, 38, of The Netherlands, an employee at the campsite, officials announced Friday afternoon.

“He was lying in his tent when he was attacked by the bear,” a statement by The Governor of Svalbard notes. “Relatives have been notified.”

MAN KILLED BY POLAR BEAR AT LONGYEARBYEN CAMPING: Attack shortly before 4 a.m. is Svalbard’s first such fatality since 2011


A man from The Netherlands who was an employee at Longyearbyen Camping was fatally attacked in his tent by a polar bear shortly before 4 a.m. Friday, according to The Governor of Svalbard. The bear was immediately shot by people at the campsite as it wandered away and found dead in the parking lot of Svalbard Airport a short distance away.

Random weirdness for the week of Aug. 13, 2019


Ammosexuals get off on another Svalbard fantasy involving polar bears, Bjørnøya addicts gets a re up of their drug of choice and (maybe) hookers selling themselves for a fix, and the recent failure of our shinny new research ship is blamed on Those Dark People.

It’s all in the blame: Shooting of polar bear a tragedy of climate, weather, selfie tourism, sustainable tourism, food choices, liberals, racism, etc., according to headlines


The hits just keep coming.

When Svalbard’s polar bears make the news they usually do so virally and bizarrely, and the bear that was shot on Saturday after attacking a cruise ship guard is fully living up to that clickbait craziness. While most of the global headlines manage to report it’s a seemingly simple case of self-defense (but there’s still plenty of anger about humans invading the bear’s turf), the proliferation of headlines pushing inaccuracies and obvious agendas are continuing to spiral every further into surreality.

Tracking the attack: Bear that attacked cruise worker was skeletal, expert says; signs of its presence on beach should have been obvious, researchers who saw it the day before say


The cruise ship wasn’t trying to bring tourists ashore to look at a polar bear. The uneven landscape of the beach meant the animal could have been out of sight a short distance away – but a whale carcass and lots of bear tracks should have been a dead giveaway. The crew tried to scare the bear away before being forced to kill it. An expert researcher says it appears the bear was very thin.

A few more details were released Monday by officials and a lot more criticism was expressed –including from celebrities and other prominent people worldwide – about a polar bear that was fatally shot after attacking a cruise ship crew member in northern Svalbard on Saturday.

Fatally flawed: Polar bear attack on cruise ship employee revives debate about tourism in Svalbard’s remote areas


The injured cruise ship crew member is recovering and the polar bear inflicting the wounds is dead after being shot, but the attacks resulting from the encounter are just beginning.

BREAKING: Man on cruise ship suffers non life-threatening injuries in polar bear attack during shore excursion


A man aboard a cruise ship in northern Svalbard suffered non life-threatening injuries when he was attacked by a polar bear during a shore excursion Saturday morning, according to The Joint Rescue Coordination Centres of Northern Norway (HRS).

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Dec. 20, 2016


Students to get hot school lunches starting in January
Longyearbyen School students will get hot lunches starting in January as a continuation of a pilot project initiated last year, according to André Jenssen, a co-initiator of the project.