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Wigging out: Boaty McBoatface, Aquaman, Pokémon among the stars in Svalbard’s ten strangest stories of 2016


A travesty of an election that ignored the will of the people. A political ad where an innocent little girl was obliterated by a weapon of mass destruction. Battling alien invaders, yet again. Nuclear armageddon, yet again.

When it came to the ways we were weird, 2016 made Svalbard great again. Bigly.

Pokéing around: The unedited diary of the world’s northernmost Pokémon Go kingpin (for a day or two)


The following is a guest column by Christian Thorensen (a.k.a. Whiteout666)

I found out about the game late last Friday night (from my cousin) and on Saturday morning I installed the game to see what it was about – I was simply curious. (I used to play Pokémon Red way back – starting at age 11.)