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Icepeople PDF: April 14, 2015

icepeoplepdf041415Greenies get a “win” in Parliament in their battle to end coal mining in Svalbard, but it’s purely symbolic since lawmakers are virtually certain to approve a bailout loan for financially-starved Store Norske in the near future. Meanwhile, another more immediate crisis closer to home continues to take its toll as a kennel cough epidemic resulted in a majority of teams being struck from the annual Trappers Trail sleddog race. Plus drones visit Ny-Ålesund, Russian soldiers visit the North Pole and a geologist visits what may be Sauron’s new mountain hideout in this week’s PDF.

Icepeople PDF: March 31, 2015

icepeoplepdf033115Russia bungles announced plans to cancel the Bareno ice camp in favor of military and science camps, with the usual procession of North Pole expeditions scheduled to deploy there during the first three weeks of April. And the Lance scientists got a thrilling contact high, followed by a cold comedown, just before returning to Longyearbyen for Easter. Plus polar bears play the roles of both villains and victims in this week’s PDF.

Icepeople PDF: March 24, 2105

icepeoplepdf032415It’s a new record for dimness with our first 12-page issue ever, courtesy of a total solar eclipse that cast light on Svalbard’s brightest and blackest sides. Unfortunate incidents such as a polar bear attacking a camper and a woman exiled for allegedly trying to set several buildings on fire were overlooked by nearly all when the skies finally cleared on Eclipse Day, providing longtime “shawdowflies” with what their called their best viewing experience ever. Check out this week’s PDF to see why more than 50,000 people are already making plans to see the next one here in the year 2061.

Icepeople PDF: Feb. 24, 2015

Nearly a week late, it’s our giant “we’re corrupt” issue (see rant in the next post for details). Whatever our woes, they don’t come close to the harrowing “shift change” for those aboard the Lance research ship. In other news, the annual welcome-the-sun fest starts during a blizzard, a robot on a roller coaster (and no people) is the best vision for Pyramiden’s future, spaced-out students score big under the northern lights and Hollywood is again trying to kill visitors here with ignorance.