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A future on hold: Government agrees to give Store Norske up to 400M during next three years to ‘pause’ Lunckefjell, double shifts at Mine 7


The Norwegian government is recommending spending up to 400 million kroner so Store Norske can maintain inoperative facilities at its largest mines during the next three years and employ a double shift at Mine 7.

Scene, not herd: Four teens paint vivid picture of Arctic for climate summit leaders, but words don’t reach the masses


Their pictures were widely featured alongside top world leaders, celebrities like Sean Penn, and impoverished third-world residents affected by climate-related floods and drought. Their words – not so much.

Stars, screwballs on Paris stage: Climate kooks, transgender tribulation, roadside risktakers highlight Svalbard during climate summit


Since the academic speeches, presentations and other elitist academia that mention Svalbard will go on in Paris for another week, let’s just get to the juicy stuff.

The kooks as well as the knowledgeable and creative are chiming in about climate-related activities in the archipelago. So in addition to mortifying methane probes and transgender tunes about being part of the problem, seething skeptics are denouncing the happenings involving the UN climate summit.