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Black ops: Largest-ever oil cleanup exercise in Svalbard tests new equipment, eyes increasing likelihood of spills

It was a great day for a massive oil spill in Svalbard.

If that statement seems at odds with reality, then so was the largest-ever exercise deployed here to clean up the simulated spill from a cruise ship last week – in some aspects, at least. The weather was unseasonably warm and calm, and a few ships equipped to handle spills just happened to be in the area.

Slick reaction: Big oil: Don’t sweat Arctic spills; Scientists: OK, let’s spill oil in Svalbard and see what happens


Drilling for oil near Svalbard is safe and any spills will be no big deal, according to a conglomerate of petroleum companies. But folks not reassured by the industry’s slick words might take comfort knowing oil is being deliberately spilled into the archipelago’s pristine waters even as we speak.

Spill drill: Large-scale oil spill cleanup exercise planned in Svalbard this fall as Arctic sees more ships, oil rigs


Lots of folks are eager to send ships and oil rigs toward Svalbard’s warming waters, but few are prepared to deal with what happens when mishaps result in fuel and oil spills in the still-harsh Arctic environment.