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NORWAY’S SUPREME COURT OKS ARCTIC OIL DRILLING: Environmental organizations challenging drilling due to climate impact lose so-called ‘lawsuit of the century’ in 11-4 decision


A landmark ruling by Norway’s Supreme Court means oil drilling up to the edge of the marine boundary surrounding Svalbard will be legally valid during the coming years and decades, after four environmental organizations lost a so-called “lawsuit of the century” challenging the country’s drilling plans due to their harmful climate impacts.

FUELING FUNDS AND FURY: Norway opens massive new oil drilling area in Arctic, including sections surrounding Svalbard


In the grip of unprecedented heat both economically and in the Arctic climate, Norway announced this week a continuing and aggressive effort to prioritize the financial crisis by opening 125 new oil exploration blocks in the Barents Sea, including areas surrounding the southern waters of Svalbard where drilling is banned.

Border petrol: New drilling areas within 30km of Bjørnøya has oil companies, environmentalists feeling highly energetic


Norway’s newest oil drilling areas are almost literally as close to Svalbard as possible, creating the archipelago’s version of a border debate. Those approaching are harboring dreams of the richest economic opportunity in the region, while defenders of the homeland are enraged about the drastic problems that might result from mass migration.

Nine new drilling licenses for 47 blocks in the Barents Sea were unveiled by the Norwegian government Monday, with the closest block about 30 kilometers to the east and just barely south of Bjørnøya. A total of six blocks extend the 74 degrees latitude north – the same as Bjørnøya – and another 27 are at or beyond 73 degrees.

Two lawsuits challenging Norway’s control of Arctic resources may have drastic – and drastically different – impacts


Make Norway share its oil and other natural resources in the vicinity of Svalbard, or prevent drilling altogether?

Two lawsuits now before the court are challenging Norway’s authority in far north on the same basic issue, but with drastically different goals. One by the European Union is seeking equal access to resources for all countries that have signed the Svalbard Treaty, while two environmental organizations are suing Norway’s government for allowing drilling in new areas of the Arctic.

A severe case of the crabs: Lawsuit about illegal fishing in Svalbard really about oil drilling rights, experts say


A kilogram of crabs costs about twice as much as a kilogram of oil. But it’s the latter that’s perceived as the real treasure in a rapidly escalating legal battle between Norway and the European Union that may redefine the Svalbard Treaty and affect rights to drilling and other activity in the region for decades to come.

Burning up: Local environmentalists tell Norway’s government not to bring Arctic oil to a firefight


They were forced to give ground to Mother Nature’s Arctic persona before making their objections heard. Their hope is those targeted by the protests will make similar concessions – or be forced to do so through legal action.

About 20 people gathered around a “warning fire” on the beach at Sjøområdet on Saturday as part of nationwide protest against oil drilling in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja. The protest occurred two days before Norway’s government proposed opening a record 93 blocks in the Barents Sea to drilling, including  ten in the so-called “Svalbard zone.”

Random weirdness for the week of Oct. 4, 2016


He’s a big fan of the global climate pact approved in Paris last year. And of Norway continuing to open drilling areas further and further north. How is that possible? Because, according to Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, director of the Norwegian Oil Industry Association, “Norway has the purest oil in the world.”

Slick reaction: Big oil: Don’t sweat Arctic spills; Scientists: OK, let’s spill oil in Svalbard and see what happens


Drilling for oil near Svalbard is safe and any spills will be no big deal, according to a conglomerate of petroleum companies. But folks not reassured by the industry’s slick words might take comfort knowing oil is being deliberately spilled into the archipelago’s pristine waters even as we speak.

Spill drill: Large-scale oil spill cleanup exercise planned in Svalbard this fall as Arctic sees more ships, oil rigs


Lots of folks are eager to send ships and oil rigs toward Svalbard’s warming waters, but few are prepared to deal with what happens when mishaps result in fuel and oil spills in the still-harsh Arctic environment.

Crude arguments: Petroleum Directorate does test drilling in Svalbard, says it’s not related to oil and gas activity


The oil industry is suffering a worse crisis than coal and it’s recent ventures in the Arctic haven’t exactly been entirely successful or popular. But the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate for the second straight year has conducted controversial exploration activities in Svalbard exposing – if nothing else – an erupting rift between Parliament members.