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FUELING FUNDS AND FURY: Norway opens massive new oil drilling area in Arctic, including sections surrounding Svalbard


In the grip of unprecedented heat both economically and in the Arctic climate, Norway announced this week a continuing and aggressive effort to prioritize the financial crisis by opening 125 new oil exploration blocks in the Barents Sea, including areas surrounding the southern waters of Svalbard where drilling is banned.

A TRILLION-KRONER MOTHER LODE? Massive deposit of gold, silver, zinc and other minerals found in seabed near Svalbard


Another potential golden age of mining for Svalbard – literally – may be on the horizon as researchers have unveiled a massive deposit of precious minerals in the seabed near the archipelago that may be worth about one trillion kroner. But while a government proposal in 2018 would allow exploration and extraction of those minerals, there are numerous issues to resolve before companies and countries can hope to strike it rich.

Crude arguments: Petroleum Directorate does test drilling in Svalbard, says it’s not related to oil and gas activity


The oil industry is suffering a worse crisis than coal and it’s recent ventures in the Arctic haven’t exactly been entirely successful or popular. But the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate for the second straight year has conducted controversial exploration activities in Svalbard exposing – if nothing else – an erupting rift between Parliament members.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of July 21, 2015


Russia’s inaction nixes joint polar bear census w/ Norway
A joint Norwegian-Russian census of polar bears in the Barents Sea area, the first such count since 2004, has been cancelled after Russia failed to grant authorization for researchers to access its territory in time for the count.