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SHIPWRECK REMAINS FOR ANOTHER WINTER: Efforts to remove Northguider trawler delayed until next summer due to adverse conditions, worse-than-expected damage


A trawler stranded in north Svalbard since last December will be forced to spend another winter there because attempts to remove it this summer and fall have been unsuccessful due to adverse conditions and the vessel suffering more damage than realized, the Norwegian Coastal Administration announced this week.

Svalbard Daily Planet for the week of Aug. 19-25, 2019


Climate change forces reindeer turn to seaweed (we’re pretty sure that means “eat” rather than literally transform), salvage resumes on the Northguider trawler, more about tourists wrecking and picking up wreckage in pristine areas, the Svalbard icebreaker is the first Norwegian ship to reach the North Pole, area temperatures at highest point in 300-year timespan and more headlines from the global media about this blessed land of the frozen chosen (with our always inspirational masthead motto for the day in italics).

Svalbard Daily Planet for the week of Aug. 11-18, 2019


More tensions with Russia as a key ocean research project and a much-anticipated Hurtigruten cruise east of Svalbard are in peril, weather delays the removal of the wrecked Northguider trawler from north Svalbard, Svalbard called “good practices” example as cruises to other small Arctic communities cause problems, start of annual whaling season brings annual protests, Store Norske coal to aid climate research before mines are dismantled, and more stories from media around the world you may have missed.

EVEN MORE SHIPWRECKED: Trawler stranded in north Svalbard since December suffers major damage; August removal planned


A shrimp trawler abandoned in the northenmost part of Svalbard last December after suffering leaks and engine failure now has severe damage including numerous holes in the hull and is listing at an angle of 75 to 80 degrees, according to officials who say a removal attempt is scheduled for August after the sea ice is gone and breeding season for seabirds over.

This what a ‘secure’ ship in north Svalbard looks like: Coast Guard gains ‘new knowledge’ about Arctic operations protecting stranded trawler until its removal this summer


A shrimp trawler that put its 14 crew members in fear of their lives when it partially sank in the northernmost part of Svalbard in late December is offering gruelling, but invaluable and unprecedented knowledge to the emergency officials from several agencies involved in rescuing the crew and the subsequent months of salvage operations in the harsh winter environment, according to a report issued following the latest operation this week.

Summer salvage: ‘Wrecked’ trawler stranded in north Svalbard won’t be removed until August due to ice, nesting season


A shrimp trawler stranded in north Svalbard since late December won’t be removed from the area until August when the sea ice and the wildlife breeding season are over, the owner of the boat said Wednesday.

Diesel successfully removed from stranded trawler; first-ever operation under harsh conditions goes faster than expected


Workers fearing they were in for a long and difficult ordeal have removed 322,000 liters of diesel from a trawler that was stranded in the northernmost part of Svalbard in what officials call an unprecedented operation in harsh weather and total darkness on a jagged icy island coastline.

‘A danger the boat will go down if it is pulled off the ground’: Removing trawler from north Svalbard will be long and difficult


Removing a damaged fishing vessel stuck on an icy shore in north Svalbard will not be easy or quick – and the boat’s owner may have to shoulder most of the effort and cost due to limited government capabilities – but there appears to be no immediate environmental danger due to the slow progress, according to officials.