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A future on hold: Government agrees to give Store Norske up to 400M during next three years to ‘pause’ Lunckefjell, double shifts at Mine 7


The Norwegian government is recommending spending up to 400 million kroner so Store Norske can maintain inoperative facilities at its largest mines during the next three years and employ a double shift at Mine 7.

Down to 98…or 28: Minister says Svea and Lunckfjell will likely shut temporarily or permanently‚ Mine 7 will employ one or two shifts


It’s not exactly an answer, but anyone still clinging to the hope the government will help Store Norske be more than mere shadow of its former self should probably give up.

A best-case scenario of 98 remaining employees at the mining company and a worst-case of fewer than 30 now appears likely, based on statements by Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland in a Dec. 6 letter to Longyearbyen Mayor Arild Olsen.

Will there be more? Gov’t announces 50M for local jobs; decision on 285M in aid for Store Norske apparently still pending


If it’s a supplement to Store Norske’s request for help it’s a blessing. If it’s a substitute it’s a curse.

An allocation of 50 million kroner for “restructuring measures” in Svalbard was announced Friday by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. The funding includes 23 million kroner for job “innovation and development” through Innovation Norway, and 22 million to Longyearbyen’s city government for infrastructure maintenance and improvements.

Get off your assess: Businesses out of patience, say government’s delay in Store Norske crisis hurting them


There’s only so much time to figure out how to rescue a drowning man.

That, writ large, is the scathing message released this week by the Svalbard Business Association, stating the government’s delay in deciding its plans for Store Norske in the wake the company’s coal crisis is leaving too many residents gasping for air.

Go USA…but go away China? Opposing reactions to two large-scale foreign investments in Svalbard


They’re both huge potential investments in Svalbard by foreign entities. One is being hailed as a key element of Longyearbyen’s post-mining future. The other is seen as undesirable and a possible threat.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of June 16, 2015


Nordstjernen again cruising in Svalbard after overhaul  
The Nordstjernen, a 59-year-old ship that supposedly departed Svalbard for good in 2012, is again taking tourists on cruises this summer in the archipelago after getting extensive refurbishments.  returns with millions in refurbishments.

Government endorses 500M kroner bailout loan for Store Norske; approval by Parliament awaits


Getting an answer took extra time, but it may also mean extra money for Store Norske as the Norwegian government is endorsing a 500-million-kroner bailout loan for the nearly bankrupt coal company as part of a restructuring plan that also involves the government acquiring company property in Longyearbyen and Svea.