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THE RULES OF ATTRACTION (ARE CHANGING): Norway’s gov’t rewriting Svalbard’s tourism regulations to more clearly define access, guide qualifications, customers’ rights and more


Photo of police contacting guides in the field courtesy of The Governor of Svalbard

“Getting away from it all” won’t be quite as much that in Svalbard soon as Norway’s government is planning a rewrite of tourism regulations for the archipelago that will likely include tighter control on access, new mandates for qualifying as a guide and changes in the legal rights of travellers that reflect higher standards on the mainland, according to a draft report released last week.

SEXLESS ‘STATE’ GOVERNMENT: Language Council recommends Sysselmannen (‘governor’) be renamed Svalbard Syssel (‘country subdivision’) to meet gender-neutral requirement


Due to Svalbard’s version of gender identity politics there will no longer be a Sysselmannen (translation: “governor”) as of Jan. 1, with Norway’s government recommending the person/office presiding over the archipelago be referred to as Svalbard Syssel (translation: “Svalbard state” – more or less).

Wara is the boss: Tor Mikkel Wara, out of politics for 25 years, is Norway’s third justice minister in three weeks


Svalbard has its third boss in as many weeks and, unlike his vehemently anti-immigration predecessors, so far the most controversial thing is the fact he’s not in Norway’s national population registry.

Fishy business: Listhaug quits as justice minister, replaced by fisheries minister with lots of recent Svalbard experience


Svalbard controversial and short-lived new boss is gone. Meet the next controversial new boss – who may also be short-lived.

A potential collapse of Norway’s government was avoided Tuesday when Minister of Justice and Public Security Sylvi Listhaug resigned shortly before she faced a no-confidence vote in Parliament. The crisis was sparked when Listhaug, a member of the anti-immigration Progress Party, accused members of the opposition Labor Party of putting “terrorists’ rights” before national security.

Controversial immigration minister named new justice minister; responsibilities include governing of Svalbard


Sylvi Listhaug, a Progress Party member known for controversial stances on immigration, has been named Norway’s new Minister of Justice and Public Security, a job whose duties include oversight of Svalbard. But local officials, while stating it’s vital to know where she stands on matters related to the area’s major economic and societal transition, said they don’t expect her positions on immigration to be a significant factor.

Climate change skeptic takes over ministry that governs Svalbard – and he didn’t realize it’s part of the job


Only a few weeks after Norway’s Conservative-led government teetered on the brink of collapse, it has taken a turn to the right with appointments that include putting a climate change skeptic in charge of the ministry that governs Svalbard – a responsibility he admits he was unaware of when he started the job Tuesday.

Royal touched: Queen Sonja, justice minister visit avalanche zone, meet with rescuers and victims


Queen Sonja, her eyes filled with tears after touring the 11 homes destroyed by the Dec. 19 avalanche, said the scope of the tragedy and efforts by those trying to help the victims is beyond mere words.

“What makes the strongest impression is to see this with my own eyes,” she said during a brief gathering with reporters after the Thursday afternoon tour. “This chaos. One cannot fully understand it after only having seen pictures.”

“There is much to be done and there will also be painful times moving ahead. But I think that with the unity and determination here it will go very well. And I think that unity is going to be even stronger.”

AVALANCHE UPDATE: Community meeting Tuesday; Queen Sonja and justice minister to visit Thursday-Friday


Queen Sonja and Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Security Anders Anundsen are scheduled to visit Longyearbyen Thursday and Friday to meet with local leaders, rescue officials and volunteers, and those suffering the loss of homes and loved ones in the Dec. 19 avalanche.