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DRAINING DISASTER: Mine 7 flooded by melting glacier caused by record heat; pause in operations until Aug. 17 due to COVID-19 now likely to be prolonged


A “major inflow of water” into Mine 7 from a melting glacier caused by a heat wave that triggered Longyearbyen’s highest recorded temperature in history is forcing Store Norske to undertake an extensive operator to remove the water and assess damage to equipment, which likely will prevent from mine from resuming operations next month following a suspension caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced this week.

20 MORE YEARS OF MINING: Store Norske, after drastic downsizing, plans to extract coal from Mine 7 until 2040

Store Norske, which is dismantling its two largest mines after laying off most of its employees the past few years after billion-kroner losses left it days from bankruptcy, earned a profit of 10 million kroner in 2018 and plans to continue its last remaining coal extraction at Mine 7 until 2040, according to its annual report.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Nov. 27, 2018


Mine 7 sees record income a year after other Store Norske mining ceases
A year ago Store Norske shut down nearly all of its coal mining operations, but the relatively small-scale production continuing at Mine 7 experienced a record year by achieving the first “real surplus” in the mine’s 52-year history.

Coal-hearted reality: TV series about Store Norske’s last mine keeps it real – and real entertaining, say workers and watchers


Want to a see grizzled old-time coal miner brusquely musing about starting his shift for the “most dangerous job on the planet” while ominous music thumps in the background? Change the channel.

Ice Road Muckers: Reality TV series following workers inside Mine 7 debuts Feb. 27; special screening at Huset on Tuesday


The show’s intent is to “help television viewers gain an insight into the daily life of Longyearbyen” – but in this instance it may be a look at the last workers in a century-old way of life that is rapidly dying out.

A 10-episode reality show titled “Kompani Spitsbergen” is scheduled to debut on TV2 Nov. 27, with a free local advance screening of the first episode scheduled at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Huset.

AVALANCHE UPDATE: Two avalanches block road to Mine 7; NVE sets Level Three risk level, recommends against travel


Two avalanches on the upper side of the road up to the Mine 7 on Wednesday morning are blocking it, according to Per Nilssen, mining manager for Store Norske.

Plowing of the road is underway, according to a statement released by The Governor of Svalbard at 8:15 a.m. Nilssen told the governor’s office the mountainside will also be examined to determine the threat of additional avalanches before the road is plowed all the way to the mine.

Bears are back: Mother, two cubs return to Mine 7 Monday after long effort to chase them far from town


A mother polar bear and two cubs that have twice been chased away from areas near Longyearbyen since Saturday were spotted on the Mine 7 mountain late Monday morning, according to The Governor of Svalbard.