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TWO FOR TUESDAY: After four months without a sunset, Longyearbyen sees it happen twice in one day; in only two months the sun will rise for the last time in 2021


Photo of Tuesday’s first sunset since April 18 by Michelle van Dijk / Longyearbyen Camping

So for all the first-timers here’s the riddle again: since we don’t live on Tatooine, how is it possible the sun set twice in Longyearbyen on Tuesday?

A helpful (or not) hint: sunset also occurred before sunrise.

(UN)REALIABLE POLAR BEAR RADAR RUMOR: News report says Longyearbyen Camping getting AI-based system after fatal polar bear attack; (UPDATE: turns out the report was false)


UPDATE 5 p.m.: The news article cited is inaccurate due to a misunderstanding by the radar programmer who spoke to a Longyearbyen resident, not a city official, about the possibility of putting the system at the campsite. Story below is updated with details.

A widely-published claim Longyearbyen Camping is getting a polar bear tracking system quickly ended up on the radar of the campsite’s owner and city officials – who said they knew nothing about it – but it turns out the story was “fake news.”

A CRIMINAL ACT? Person who fatally shot polar bear that killed Longyearbyen Camping manager faces charges – but such probes are routine and ‘to save human lives’ a legit defense


It surely seems like common sense that 1) the death of a manager at Longyearbyen Camping and the polar bear that fatally attacked him are tragic, and 2) the person who shot the polar bear trying to save the manager during the attack acted reasonably.

But that’s what a full-blown investigation by prosectors – routine and often lengthy in human/bear encounters resulting in the death of the protected species – will determine, The Governor of Svalbard declared Tuesday.

POLAR BEAR VICTIM IDENTIFIED: Johan (‘Job’) Jacobus Kootte, 38, of The Netherlands, was an employee at the campsite laying in his tent when the fatal attacked occurred

Johan Jacobus Kootte

Photo by Jan Jacops

The man killed by a polar bear at Longyearbyen Camping just before 4 a.m. Friday has been identified as Johan (“Job”) Jacobus Kootte, 38, of The Netherlands, an employee at the campsite, officials announced Friday afternoon.

“He was lying in his tent when he was attacked by the bear,” a statement by The Governor of Svalbard notes. “Relatives have been notified.”

MAN KILLED BY POLAR BEAR AT LONGYEARBYEN CAMPING: Attack shortly before 4 a.m. is Svalbard’s first such fatality since 2011


A man from The Netherlands who was an employee at Longyearbyen Camping was fatally attacked in his tent by a polar bear shortly before 4 a.m. Friday, according to The Governor of Svalbard. The bear was immediately shot by people at the campsite as it wandered away and found dead in the parking lot of Svalbard Airport a short distance away.

FIRST SNOW IN LONGYEARBYEN: OK, not the first ever, but locals get mid-August preview of the coming winter as much of the world bakes


It certainly made plenty of locals happy – and cue the very loud and public shouts of glee from the climate change skeptics about all those recent “Longyearbyen is warming faster than any other place on the planet” headlines.