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ELECTION 2019 – LAST STANDS: Parties and candidates out in force with fliers and swag a day before vote; here’s the ‘unfiltered’ version of their pitches to voters


Voters found themselves facing a truly difficult choice considering the city’s chilly situation: get warmth from waffles from the incumbents, a head/neck scarf from their main opposition or coffee from the kingmakers?

Or they could rough it either with the folks most inclined embrace nature naturally or the newcomers seeking to be naysayers.

All five political parties on the ballot gathered in front of Svalbardbutikken on Saturday to make last-minute pitches before the Longyearbyen Community Council election Sunday and Monday. The three parties with the most current members (Labor, Conservative and Liberal) set up tables with food and/or swag to hand out along with campaign brochures, while the Green and Progress parties opted for the simpler approach of members merely handing out their literature.

Guess who’s in the house? Workers aren’t sure where they can live after latest avalanches redefines ‘community in transition’


Eighteen months ago there were scary headlines about Longyearbyen losing 30 percent of its population and panicky questions about who would fill all those empty homes where laid off coal miners recently lived.

Now the panic is how to squeeze a non-declining population into a suddenly alarming shortage of housing being sold and rented at skyrocketing prices.

Upstart: Top candidate first-time Liberal Party sees a future of many small ideas working to make a big impact


Eirik Berger isn’t one for big solutions. Instead he favors lots of people coming up with smaller ones.

The top-ranked candidate for the Liberal Party, which is on the ballot for the first time in a Longyearbyen Community Council election, said one of the flaws of the current leadership is “they have focused on replacing one big industry with another big industry” without knowing what it might be. While ambitions of doubling tourism are being discussed, he said it’s a seasonal industry susceptible to tough times.