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BREAKING: Water leakage ‘like Niagara Falls gushing’ knocks out power, forces closure of most of Lompensenteret


Heavy water leakage from a cracked water pipe in the ceiling that both flooded and apparently damaged the electrical system of Lompensenteret forced the closure of most of shopping center mid-morning Tuesday. The mall will be closed throughout the day except for four businesses at the far ends, although those needing emergency medications from the pharmacy can call to obtain them.

Asian taken out: Sushi KITA, Taste of Thai being forced to close to make room for mall remodel, new restaurant


The irony was delicious – and not. A sushi making class at a first-ever Longyearbyen food festival to celebrate the town’s growing culinary culture this month was one of the final moments for Sushi KITA because it and Taste of Thai – the town’s only other Asian eatery – are being forced to close in a few weeks.