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‘TIGHTENING THE REINS IN SVALBARD’: Multitude of new rules, restrictions by government to make archipelago more ‘Norwegian’ cause controversy and worry among locals


Photo by The Governor of Svalbard

National authorities are considering revoking voting rights from foreign citizens in Svalbard, increasing environmental protection and introducing stronger requirements for safety in the field, causing many locals to worry about the consequences, according to High North News.

AN INFECTIOUS COMMUNITY – FOR BETTER OR WORSE? Line Nagell Ylvisåker seeks answers in new book to dilemma of climate change impacts on her life as a journalist and mother


For those now sharing woeful tales about self-isolation, Eli Anne Ersdal puts yours to shame. She was lying face down under a crushing blanket of debris-ridden snow, barely able to move and with only a small pocket of air around her head, believing the four family members she was eating breakfast with seconds ago were dead.

This how Line Nagell Ylvisåker, Svalbard’s senior working journalist, chooses to open her new book about a place she finds infectious both in its allure for raising a family and its potential peril due to events such as the avalanche that buried Ersdal that are indicative of a community under multiple rapidly-growing threats due to climate change.