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Dark-course contender: Dog racing season starts early as debut Mørketidsløpet Svalbard seeks to send local to first Finnmarksløpet


Call it The First Great Race – along with the longest, darkest and quite possibly coldest.

A half-dozen dogsled teams and a handful of straggling spectators gathered at the dog kennels at the edge of Longyearbyen under an inky polar night twilight in minus 22 Celsius cold for a decidedly unceremonious start of the first-ever Mørketidsløpet Svalbard race at about 10 a.m. Saturday. Participants are seeking to complete a 150-kilometer single-time course (as compared to “multi-stage” races featuring untimed rests) from Adventdalen to checkpoints at Freyahytta and Vindodden before returning to town.