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Random weirdness for the week of Jan. 31, 2017


The only thing worse than having somebody try to con us with “alternative facts” is having them succeed. Yup, we gobbled up the fiction in the photo above hook, line and sinker.

Into blackness: Svalbard’s 12 biggest stories of 2015


It was already a shell-shocked community beginning to say their farewells to possibly a quarter of the town’s residents, with those left behind worrying about the future of a town with a decimated economic foundation.

Then the avalanche struck.

Either alone ranks among the most significant events in Longyearbyen’s history. Together they may reshape the town more dramatically than at any time since it was almost entirely destroyed during World War II.

Cracking down: Lance ends six-month expedition on thin ice as scientists save gear while floe shatters


They spent their final days working feverishly on rapidly vanishing sea ice that threatened to break up and swallow their equipment. But Amelie Meyer said the challenge was nothing like the extreme conditions during the project’s first days nearly six months ago.

Random weirdness for the week of June 9, 2015


Scientists aboard the Lance research vessel suffered a bit of a performance problem with their seamen this week during what was described as a stumbling and bumbling physical encounter.

Lance is back on thin ice – but this time it’s a good thing


OK, here’s more fun for climate change skeptics who say scientists can’t be consistent in their conclusions: In the past, thin ice was a menace to their ship, their equipment and their very lives. Now it’s awesome stuff.

Lance ready for light duty after halftime stop in Longyearbyen


They didn’t exactly get a relaxing spring break and when they talk about switching to light duty they’re not talking about slacking off on the job.

Lance struggling to return ‘home’ after successful hookup with space case


As scientists, they’re probably aware of how achieving a contact high can be followed by the letdown of being left out in the cold.

Icepeople PDF: March 31, 2015

icepeoplepdf033115Russia bungles announced plans to cancel the Bareno ice camp in favor of military and science camps, with the usual procession of North Pole expeditions scheduled to deploy there during the first three weeks of April. And the Lance scientists got a thrilling contact high, followed by a cold comedown, just before returning to Longyearbyen for Easter. Plus polar bears play the roles of both villains and victims in this week’s PDF.

Polar bear joins Lance research team


Now that they’re finally back on solid ice, that other great natural menace in Svalbard is giving the Lance crew a hassle.

‘Did you feel that?’


Being researchers, it was certainly exciting discovering a new concept of “shift change.”

A new team of scientists and crew members is working aboard the Lance research vessel with the reassurance it’s solidly frozen into the sea ice at a safe northern latitude. But their initiation was anything but tranquil as the final hours of the departing participants were shook up by the ice around the vessel breaking up well to the south of its present location.