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‘The punishment we deserve’: Hurtigruten Svalbard, subcontractor hit w/ 150K in fines for numerous labor and building violations during Radisson hotel renovations


While the Radisson Polar Blu Hotel is trying to promote its fancy new upgrades to the outside world, officials closer to home are far more concerned about numerous labor violations involving those doing the work as 150,000 kroner in fines is being levied against the hotel’s owner and one of the subcontractors doing the renovations.

May Day or mayday? Miners protest government labor law proposals eight days after getting lifesaving bailout


They were willing to help the company get through a crisis, agreeing to wage and pension adjustments to prevent more layoffs – or outright bankruptcy. But they’re far from willing – indeed they’re angry – about doing the same thing on a national level, even though the government doing the asking just assisted them in a huge way.