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Coal-hearted reality: TV series about Store Norske’s last mine keeps it real – and real entertaining, say workers and watchers


Want to a see grizzled old-time coal miner brusquely musing about starting his shift for the “most dangerous job on the planet” while ominous music thumps in the background? Change the channel.

Ice Road Muckers: Reality TV series following workers inside Mine 7 debuts Feb. 27; special screening at Huset on Tuesday


The show’s intent is to “help television viewers gain an insight into the daily life of Longyearbyen” – but in this instance it may be a look at the last workers in a century-old way of life that is rapidly dying out.

A 10-episode reality show titled “Kompani Spitsbergen” is scheduled to debut on TV2 Nov. 27, with a free local advance screening of the first episode scheduled at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Huset.