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‘No criminal offense considered proven’ in deadly 2015 avalanche, prosecutors rule; parents of girl killed says findings boosts civil case


No criminal charges are warranted for the actions by Svalbard’s governor, Longyearbyen city officials and others related to a 2015 avalanche that destroyed 11 homes and killed two people, the Norwegian Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs announced Wednesday.

But an attorney for the parents of one of the people killed said the bureau’s findings nonetheless bolster a civil case accusing officials of negligence by failing to recognize the threat to the homes and evacuate the area.

Reversal of fortune: Decision not to investigate Dec. 19 avalanche as a criminal matter overturned by top prosecuter


Update: Svalbardposten reported Friday the city of Longyearbyen is trying to reach a settlement with the parents of a two-year-old girl killed in the avalanche without admitting legal liability. Store Norske is also indicating it is willing participate in such discussions.

Original story: The avalanche last Dec. 19 that destroyed 11 homes and killed two people should be investigated as a criminal matter, a reversal according to Norway’s Director of Public Prosecutions, overturning a decision by regional prosecutors not to seek charges.

AVALANCHE UPDATE: Nikoline Røkenes, 2, second person killed in Saturday’s avalanche


Nikoline Røkenes, 2, buried for two hours in parents’ home with her sister Pernille, 3, is the second person killed in Saturday’s avalanche, the family confirmed Monday.

“You are living in a nightmare you never wake up from and what has happened is incomprehensible,” her father, Kim Rune Røkenes, who is Longyearbyen’s energy chief, wrote in a message posted at the city’s website Monday afternoon.