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ALERT: SAS strike cancelled at last moment, extra Svalbard flight scheduled to help cancer patient


A full-scale strike by Scandinavian Airlines pilots in Norway was averted as the last moment, but that was still too late for Jørn Dybdahl, a Longyearbyen resident whose Thursday flight to Oslo to receive cancer treatment was cancelled. So Dybdahl, never one to shy from expressing his views, expressed his frustration to one of Norway’s biggest newspapers – and helped 112 other travelers stranded here by doing so.

It’s a wonderful life saver: Donors near and far rush to help Jørn Dybdahl, a local icon who has a cancer Norway won’t pay for


There’s a Mr. Potter (the Norwegian health authorities), a Clarence (a female police officer who helped lead rescue efforts during the avalanche last Christmas) and definitely a greatest gift from the everybody chipping in what they can. But there’s no George Bailey on the edge of suicide – instead, Jørn Dybdahl is going to exceptional lengths to continue a remarkably wonderful life.