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BACK IN BLACK? Store Norske’s new leader says 100M tons of coal can be extracted while mines are dismantled. The government doesn’t sound enthusiastic


Norway’s government has adamantly and repeatedly insisted Store Norske cannot reopen its two main mines, but the company isn’t giving up the fight as it is proposing to extract 100 million tons of coal from Svea during the dismantling process scheduled to take place for the next few years.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of April 10, 2014


Two Svalbard beach cleanup projects get 1.1M in government grants
Two Svalbard beach cleanup projects are receiving more than 1.1. million kroner in funding from the Norwegian Environmental Directorate as part of an 80-million-kroner nationwide marine pollution removal effort.

Birther movement: Jan Morten Ertsaas returning to the town he was born in as the new head of Store Norske


Jan Morten Ertsaas is one of the few people today who can say they were born in Longyearbyen and one of his first jobs was spending a year working at Store Norske’s coal purification facility. Now, decades after departing for the mainland, he is returning to lead the company as it struggles to find a rebirth.