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BEAR NEAR LONGYEARBYEN CHASED OFF BY GOVERNOR: Predator visits Hiorthhamn without incident Saturday, but helicopter deployed to keep it away from people


A polar bear visiting Hiorthhamn on Saturday morning gave people across the bay in Longyearbyen an interesting diversion without causing any damage or other incidents, but The Governor of Svalbard deployed a helicopter to chase it away to prevent it from getting closer to town and thwart folks tempted to approach the animal for a closer look.

Burned again by bad tourists: Visitors use, destroy grill at cabin; some owners ask if security cameras are needed


As long as a handful of tourists keep acting like idiots, they’re going to get called out for it here – and stigmatize the others.

‘Not a people zoo’ – locals peeved at tourists peering and peeing at cabins near town


OK, let’s try this again: Just because locals are living the wild life doesn’t make them wildlife.

Numerous complaints about tourists – and maybe even a rogue tour guide or two – intruding on private cabins (occupied and not) have been voiced in recent weeks, with visitors doing everything from barging in uninvited to using them as wind screens while answering the call of nature. While cabin owners say the problem isn’t new, or necessarily increasing, there is concern efforts by the tourism industry to educate visitors about proper behavior don’t always seem to be taking hold.