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Right turn: Conservatives pull even with Labor on local council; offer mayor’s spot to Liberals in bid for majority


Maybe it was the common practice of ousting the ruling party during a crisis. Maybe it was the pledge to seek more help from the national government to retain existing jobs. Maybe they were driven to vote at the last minute by a poll showing them losing badly. Maybe it was an appeal to the large – and largely ignored – bloc of non-Norwegian voters.

Or maybe (you saw this coming) it was some combination of them.

Seeding: Top candidate for first-time Green Party Leader says she’s definitely not anti-growth – but do it right


It takes a different kind of candidate to attack opponents for giving balloons to little kids.

Helga Kristiansen, the top-ranked candidate for Svalbard’s Green Party, ripped into some of her rivals for handing lots of the helium-filled wildlife killers out to tots at campaign booths in Longyearbyen’s town square. But she said it’s a small example of how her party’s goals are both more practical and more misunderstood than many people realize.