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CORONAVIRUS UPDATES FOR SVALBARD FOR SAT.-SUN.: Only hotel open in Longyearbyen sees 99% drop in April stays, Green Dog’s idle staff finishes month-long race and more


This story will be updated through the weekend (most recent: 4 p.m. Sunday). Photo at end of the final stage of the Green Dog Cup race by Green Dog Svalbard.

The only hotel still open in a tourist-free Longyearbyen and a dogsledding company both essentially suffered a total loss of business in April. It seems entirely objective to report the dogsledding employees (even if mostly laid off) had more fun.

FENDING OFF A POLAR BEAR WITH A ROPE: Dogsled guide says bear approached tour group too quick to use weapon, scared it off by hitting it with brake rope on sled without incident


Marcel Starinsky says the dogsled group he was guiding was only 200 meters from the kennels at the end of a six-hour trip when a sight that will be forever remember appeared.

“Out of the darkness, over a greenery in the terrain, came a polar bear,” he told Svalbardposten late Wednesday. “It came right at my sled and my dogs.”

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Jan. 10, 2017


Company wants to build Rema 1000 grocery store – directly in front of competitor Svalbardbutikken
Longyearbyen may get a second grocery store as the company that owns the Rema 1000 chain is seeking to build one as part of the city’s central redevelopment plan.