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Stinky on stage: Year in revue follows Longyearbyen’s tragicomic shift from a sooty town to a smelly one


Given all the fishy business in Longyearbyen during the past year, locals are ready to shake the coal dust from their boots and put their faith in cod.

Miners, politicians and others raised a bit of a stink about transitioning from a sooty town to a smelly one, but ultimately agreed our 100-year-old cornerstone conglomerate needs to embrace a new identity as “Store Torske.”

And with that one-letter revision to The Floundering Company Formerly Known As Store Norske, the local chums cast out on a whale of a job baiting their fellow townsfolk during the annual revue showing just how flaky the past year was Friday night at Huset.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Dec. 8, 2015


Store Norske cancels flight contract with Lufttransport
A contract for Lufttransport to provide daily flights between Longyearbyen and Svea is being terminated as of next June due to the shutdown of mining operations, Store Norske announced this week.