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Shiver screen: Drive-in movie celebrates first sunrise in four months


They roared in on snowmobiles towing covered sleighs designed for carrying children rather than making them. A few arrived on kicksleds and a majority made sure to grab a cup or thermos of hot chocolate at the concession stand to go with their popcorn.

They then settled into seats where the cushioning consisted of a layer of snow and – with a blissful absence of previews and ads –the opening credits of “Ice Age: Continental Drift” blared out for what’s believed to be Longyearbyen’s first drive-in movie.

Random weirdness for the week of Feb. 9, 2016


You might think you’re freezing your ass off, but in reality you’ll be getting a reminder of just how close we are to potentially becoming Death Valley (the actual desert, not our frozen plain that seems to be free of acorns). If none of that makes sense, then you’re all set to attend Svalbard’s version of a drive-in movie as “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” a 2012 animated comedy/adventure starring creatures such as mammoths and kangaroos, is screening on the snowfield across from Huset at 5 p.m. Tuesday.