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Random weirdness for the week of Jan. 10, 2017


Imagine paying lots of bucks to see and/or hear yourself starring in the professional championship game of your choice (a thing that has actually been offered). Now apply that concept to being a brave Arctic explorer in the rugged untamed wilds of Svalbard and you’ve got a grasp on a trip being offered at the end of May by a UK company that allows “budding David Attenborough’s” to “star in your own wildlife documentary.”

Picture imperfect: Time-lapse short film gives dark meaning to changing at a glacial pace


Warning: This article contains spoilers, which can’t really be helped since the film is about…spoilers.

Review: Disorder infects both residents and filmmaker in documentary ‘Longyearbyen: A Bipolar City’


Bipolar (adj): 1. Having or relating to two poles or extremities; 2. psychiatric characterized by both manic and depressive episodes, or manic ones only.
– Oxford English Dictionary

The opening minutes intermix interviews with a few Longyearbyen residents and grainy black-and-white footage from “Nanook of the North.” Which means this documentary isn’t just distancing itself from stereotypical portrayals of the town – it’s ridiculing them.