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Brash landing: Russia’s plans to have military instructors land in Longyearbyen may violate Svalbard Treaty


Russia is planning to have military instructors make a stopover in Longyearbyen as part of a large-scale paratrooper exercise near the North Pole this month, an action that may violate the Svalbard Treaty.

Into blackness: Svalbard’s 12 biggest stories of 2015


It was already a shell-shocked community beginning to say their farewells to possibly a quarter of the town’s residents, with those left behind worrying about the future of a town with a decimated economic foundation.

Then the avalanche struck.

Either alone ranks among the most significant events in Longyearbyen’s history. Together they may reshape the town more dramatically than at any time since it was almost entirely destroyed during World War II.

Random bits of weirdness for the week of May 26, 2015


If it’s a choice between an invasion by these two guys or the two gay-obssessed Russian leaders in the next item, we’d have to think abut it. OK, not really, since these particular Americans appear to be potty trained.