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DEMOLITION OF ‘RED ZONE’ HOMES BEGINS: 21 residential buildings in Lia scheduled to be torn down by next June


The long-delayed demolition of about 140 Longyearbyen residences considered unsafe to live in because they’re exposed to high avalanche and landslide risks began Tuesday and is scheduled to be completed by next June, according to officials.

ORDER 66: Demolition of nearly half of the 142 residences in avalanche areas scheduled this year beginning in late spring


People in at-risk areas fearing the loss of homes due to avalanches are now facing the certain loss of them when the snow is no longer a threat as the city plans to begin demolishing the first of 142 residences targeted in late May or early June, with a total of 66 scheduled to be torn down this year.

Wreckage removal begins: Demolition of 11 homes crushed by avalanche likely to take three weeks; area off-limits for months


Demolition of the 11 homes destroyed by the Dec. 19 avalanche started Tuesday, but while removal of the homes is expected to take about three weeks the area will likely not be fully cleared and accessible until summer.