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Bipolar disorder: Record cruise crowds bring riches, but also complaints of intrusive behavior toward kids, cabin dwellers, wildlife


An “invasion” of cabins and a kindergarten. Attacking birds and petting reindeer. Treating everywhere outdoors as a port-a-potty and digging up wild plants to take home.

The increasing intensity and frequency of such complaints about cruise ship passengers – especially when larger ships can mean up to 8,000 extra people in a 2,000-person town – aren’t just local vs. visitor feuds. Often they’re pitting local against local, with the pro-cruise folks arguing the complaints are about a relative handful of visitors, but can result in a generally negative attitude toward all of them.

Ship out of luck: Governor tows vessel with 146 people back to Longyearbyen after engine failure


A cruise ship with 146 people stranded in Hinlopenstredetdeu due to an engine failure just after midnight Saturday was towed back to Longyearbyen on Monday, according to The Governor of Svalbard.

Are you a loser cruiser? If these no-nos are obvious, you’re not one of the onerous one-percenters


Do you think it’s OK to hang out in local homes to see how they live, treat kids like animals in a petting zoo, pee on people’s cabins and/or pinch just a wee bit of fur off a stuffed polar bear because your special snowflake will appreciate it more than the others? OK, fine you’re a pathetic (and surprisingly not uncommon enough) jerk who won’t benefit by reading further.

Lessons in milking tourists: Woman seeking 1,200 empty cartons making wallets to raise money for school in Rwanda


If this summer’s tourists feel like their pocketbooks are being picked, Thora Soot is hoping they’ll at least return home appreciating the craft and charitable value of those empty wallets.

Soot, 27, who moved from Oslo to Longyearbyen in March, put a cryptic message on a community Facebook page about a month ago seeking 1,200 empty milk cartons. While plenty of interested donors responded, she remained elusive about her intent until starting to collect them a few weeks later: making wallets to raise funds for books and other supplies for the refugee school her sister teaches at in Rwanda.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of May 17, 2016


Longyearbyen Kindergarten to remain closed permanetly
Longyearbyen Kindergarten, which faced an uncertain future after being closed last year, will now be shut down permanently because the city no longer has enough children to support more than two kindergartens.

No drone zone: AECO bans cruise passengers from bringing devices due to risk of disturbance and loss


Drones in Svalbard may open a world of future possibilities in the eyes of some very smart people, but another group doesn’t want to risk the negative possibilities if aircraft are in the hands of clueless tourists.