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GO WITH THE FLOE: Store Norske joins ‘renaming’ craze with new logo reflecting shift from ice-hard mining tradition to rapidly moving transition to multitude of industries


First the governor lost its manhood and now only days later Store Norske’s ice-hard embodiment has gone soft.

Mining and/or tourism? Government friend and/or foe? Store Norske’s unpredictable future takes more volatile turns


The question used to be what options, if any, were possible at Svea since coal mining was shutting down. Now the dilemma is it might be possible to have mining and other new activities already occurring – but government officials who’ve been so supportive in the past might block some or all of those options this time.

Hard core exhibition: ‘Kullfolk’ shows a rock-solid workforce, now nearly vanquished, to a new era of ‘soft people’


“Miners don’t like having their picture taken,” said Birger Amundsen, minutes before presenting a room filled with about 30 enormous portraits of the workers’ dirty faces from the past 25 years in Svalbard.

Furthermore, the longtime journalist and author said he’s sad to see the coal miners being replaced “soft people” in tourism, an industry “without a core,” but since the room of his photos is at Svalbard Museum it means most of the people looking at his exhibit will be – wait for it – tourists.

Coal’s last gasp? Store Norske may decide next week to end mining in Svalbard as coal price crisis persists


Judgement Day for Longyearbyen may occur as soon as next week.

Deciding if Store Norske should cease its coal mining operations is among the items on the agenda when the company’s board of directors meets Sept. 3, according to Svalbardposten.

Sacrifice for thee, but not for me? Prayers for global action and local coal mining launch ‘climate pilgrimage’


As the first step in a “climate pilgrimage,” it was a precarious one. Prayers for leaders to help the global community by taking action to combat climate change – accompanied by prayers for leaders to help the local community by keeping coal mining alive in Svalbard.

Loan plea: Yeas, nays and frays

Erna Solbert at Arctic Frontiers 2015

The prime minister wants to keep tapping the Arctic’s energy resources at full speed despite huge price crashes. Opposing interests say it’s embarrassing pleas to keep coal mining alive in Svalbard weren’t rejected immediately. And some advertising guy earned 15,000 likes on Facebook in a couple of days for alleging the government is planning a mass sale of assets, including half of its land in Svalbard.