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Sarah Auffret, leader of Clean Up Svalbard campaign, among 157 killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash during trip to discuss ocean cleanup at UN assembly


A British woman leading a large-scale campaign to reduce waste and clear trash from coastlines in Svalbard – where she was working only a few days ago – was among the 157 people killed when Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 crashed Sunday, according to officials.

Random weirdness for the week of Sept. 1, 2015


Acknowledging most locals are probably in about as much of a mood for humor as they were after Utøya or 9/11 due to Store Norske seemingly going through its death throes this week, we nonetheless will lead off here with an item that my manage to make a few smile while serving as a reminder that – in the overall scheme of things – even though most of us are about to plunged into turmoil, we could be facing much, much worse.