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POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Furor at city’s ‘sudden’ 10-day cutoff of electricity to cabin dwellers at Hotellneset/Bjørndalen leads to delay, overnight outages on select days only


Christoffer Spørck has a couple of freezers full of meat from hunting and other food in his cabin just outside town, plus a group of workers who are going to need heat when they begin painting and adding an extension to it soon. But things quickly turned rotten when he got a notice from the city Tuesday saying the electricity was being cut off for 10 working days – starting the next day.

WHEN ISOLATION ALLOWS EXPLORATION: With everyone but residents cut off from Svalbard, locals able to enjoy traditional Easter-season cabin trips since archipelago is one ‘district’


There aren’t many options for Longyearbyen folks desiring a “staycation” during the Easter holiday period starting this weekend (although Barentsburg is proving a sought-after lodging option), but a nationwide ban on most cabin stays during the coronavirus restriction period doesn’t apply to Svalbard, thus making the traditional trips here possible – with some vacancies not always available this close to the holiday.