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Random weirdness for the week of Jan. 10, 2017


Imagine paying lots of bucks to see and/or hear yourself starring in the professional championship game of your choice (a thing that has actually been offered). Now apply that concept to being a brave Arctic explorer in the rugged untamed wilds of Svalbard and you’ve got a grasp on a trip being offered at the end of May by a UK company that allows “budding David Attenborough’s” to “star in your own wildlife documentary.”

Now even more free: Bruktikken gets more organized look, open more hours


“No more shoes piled up high!!”

The same goes for clothes, toys, kitchen items and other goods free for the taking at the renovated Bruktikken thrift store, which is reopening this week. Gone are the tables that goods used to be stacked on; in their place are shelves and clothing racks where everything is far better sorted and much easier to browse through.

Eclipsed by crowds? Try these alternatives


You’re starving, but every eatery is packed and the lines at the supermarket are endless. It’s -20C and windy, and your “cold-weather” gear isn’t. You desperately need to send an e-mail or post on your blog, but every public wi-fi network is hopelessly overloaded.