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In-the-red storm rising: Meteorological institute may eliminate staff at Hopen station, majority at Bjørnøya due to deficits


Eliminating five of the nine employees at the Bjørnøya Meteorological Station and automating operations at the Hopen station where four people now work is being considered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute to help cope with a long-term deficit, according to the agency’s director.

Dead men do tell tales: Archaeologists ‘solve’ mysterious death on Bjørnøya with elementary clues, Sherlock


It could be the ideal setting for CSI Svalbard, except these deadly mysteries are taking considerable longer than 60 minutes to solve.

‘Murder and Mystery on Bjørnøya:’ Mass grave is real-life bone chiller for team trying to save exposed ruins

A common tale is the grave contains the bodies of those killed when a trawler sank in 1938. Except the cross and a chain surrounding are visible in a picture taken in 1924. Not to mention there are nearby graves and ruins dating back to the 1700s.

And bones – lots of bones – of both humans and walruses.